We Know Herbs

We grow over 120 varieties of Herbs at Millcreek Gardens!


Commonly used for culinary, ornamental, and aromatherapy purposes, it is easy to have fresh herbs at your fingertips anytime you want! Anyone can grow an herb garden whether you have a large garden spot or just patio space for a container garden.


Our Herbs are available in two sizes:

3” pots, 16 pots per flat

1-Quart round containers, 10 pots per flat


Here are some top culinary herbs we recommend to stock for your customers:

-Basil          -Chives        -Cilantro           -Dill
-Parsley       -Mint            -Oregano         -Thyme
-Rosemary  -Sage           -Tarragon




Need a handy guide to go with your herb display? We have our Culinary Herbs Brochure available to order in quantities of 50, 100 or 200. Our brochure contains information about the top culinary herbs as well as tips, recipes and flavor suggestions.  It’s perfect for those shoppers who are new to herbs or even those who want to learn more.


Ordering is easy! Contact us at sales@millcreekplants.com or (800)948-1234 or simply select the herbs you would like to purchase on our weekly Availability Email.


With the exception of controlled-release fertilizer in the soil mix, our herbs are grown “naturally”, which means we use strict cultural practices and only naturally derived products to control insects and diseases.