Now offering Veggies!

Vegetables are Here!

Due to the success of our trial program in 2014, we have continued our vegetable line for 2015! Our vegetables are grown in 3″ pots and sold 12 pots per flat.


Varieties will be ready starting late April. Be sure to check our availability list every week for ready varieties.


We are excited to offer the same quality you have come to expect from Millcreek in this vegetable line. As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback about our plants, please let us know.



In 2015, our vegetable offerings include:

– Beans ‘Mascotte’
– Broccoli ‘Green Magic’
– Brussel Sprouts “Churchill’
– Carrot ‘Paris Market’
– Cucumber ‘Marketmore’
– Eggplant ‘Black Beauty’
– Pepper Lunchbox Pepper Mix
– Squash, Acorn ‘Honey Bear’
– Tomato ‘Celebrity’ & ‘San Marzano’
– Zucchini ‘Noche’