Micah Frey

Micah Frey - Shipping Floor Coordinator

Micah joined Millcreek as a high school student in 2010, working seasonally until he graduated from Green Tree Academy in the Spring of 2013. He then joined our team as a full time Nursery Technician working primarily with our IMPACT Perennials. His duties included pruning, spacing, weeding, watering, and general plant maintenance and care. In spring 2015, Micah was promoted to Shipping Floor Coordinator where he is involved in getting plant material that has been picked and processed properly loaded onto racks, organizing the racks for shipment to our customers, and performing final counts on orders.

Micah is planning on enrolling in Gun Smithing School a few years down the road. He hopes to learn the ins and outs of being a Gunsmith including restoring old firearms, fixing and building new firearms, and so on. Micah’s hobbies are as you might expect; shooting at the range, cleaning/modifying his firearms, reloading ammo at the reloading press, and surprise, Disc Golf!

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