Our Sales Office Team

George Pealer

George Pealer - Owner and General Manager

George and his wife Lynda started Millcreek Gardens in 1978 after graduating with a B.S. degree in Agriculture from The Ohio State University, specializing in Horticulture. He leads the day to day operations as our General Manager. His outside interests include gardening, biking, tennis, and hiking.

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Megan B. Armstrong

Megan B. Armstrong - Assistant General Manager, Business Office Manager

Megan joined Millcreek in July of 1998 upon graduating from Ohio University with a B. S. in Environmental and Plant Biology. She joined Millcreek Gardens as our IMPACT Department Production Supervisor and since that time she spent over ten years as a Head Grower of the IMPACT line of perennials. In the fall of 2009 she transitioned into a new role as our Business Office Manager where her responsibilities included Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll, Information Systems and Technology as well as Sales and Customer Service. In June of 2012 Megan was promoted to Assistant General Manager and given additional company-wide responsibilities including Budgeting, Staffing, and overall company management.

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Doug Heindel

Doug Heindel - Sales, Business Development, and Marketing Manager

Doug has an Associates of Applied Science degree in Landscape Contracting and Construction from The Ohio State Universtiy – Agriculture Technical Institute in Wooster, Ohio. He joined the Millcreek team early in 2018 as the Sales, Business Development, and Marketing Manager, a new role within our company.

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Jen Mackan

Jen Mackan - Business Office Supervisor; Program and Logistics Director, Customer Service, OCNT

Jen joined the Millcreek team in 1995. She earned a B. S. in Agriculture from The Ohio State University, with a major in Floriculture and a minor in Agricultural Business. Throughout her tenure she has served in various roles including as our Production Manager and Shipping Manager. Currently, Jen is a part of our Office Team working as our Program and Logistics Director where she is responsible for maintaining our growing software program and program data. In addition, she organizes and plans our Shipping Logistics – a critical role in getting our fabulous products to you! With our IT consultant, she helped to develop our Electronic Shipping Board, that you may have seen at our Annual Open House or during another visit to our nursery.

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Jenn Sizemore

Jenn Sizemore - Financial Controller

Jenn returned to Millcreek Gardens in July of 2018 after relocating back to Ohio from a 22 year stint in Southern California. Her career at Millcreek initially began many moons ago, at the potting bench, planting perennials & herbs during several summers while in high school and college. After graduating from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in Marketing in 1993, Jenn began full-time as Millcreek’s Business Manager. Her main responsibilities included accounting, human resources & customer service. Now that she’s returned from California, her responsibilities are similar, but Millcreek has grown quite a bit since the 1990’s!

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Mary Coons

Mary Coons - Sales and Customer Service Director

Mary joined the Millcreek team in the Fall of 2001 after being a grower for over two decades. She is a 1981 graduate of The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Horticulture. Mary is our Sales and Customer Service Director and is our lead in-house salesperson. She is involved in all aspects of customer relations and provides outrageous service to our customers! You likely have heard her voice on the phone when you call our office.

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Sharon Cline

Sharon Cline - Sales Office Coordinator

Sharon joined the Millcreek team in the spring of 2015 as a seasonal employee working in our Production Department. She quickly fit right in and in the Fall assumed a new position as our Office and Growing Support Technician. Sharon is now our Sales Office Coordinator, and as such she works on our inside sales team in the office. You will likely speak with her on the phone or receive an email message from her. She brings a pleasant attitude and kind spirit to work each day. In late summer, fall, and winter she can also be found assisting in various areas including production, propagation, and in our finished container growing areas.

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