Perennials are widely used in landscape beds and plant borders. Their colorful flowers and foliage often highlight areas in the garden. Oftentimes they attract birds and butterflies and some varieties have flowers that are excellent for cutting and use in fresh arrangements. We invite you to browse our selection of more than 750 varieties of Perennials ranging from the common and old-fashioned to the new and unique.

We have expanded our line-up of Proven Winner branded Perennials that are grown in Proven Winner containers. Our offerings include many cultivars grown in our IMPACT size container as well as a limited selection in 2-Gallon containers.

Grown in 1-Quart, packed 12 per flat, and PRO #1 and IMPACT (True 1-Gallon) pots, both sold individually. Proven Winner Perennials are grown in IMPACT (True 1-Gallon) and 2-Gallon pots.

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