Our Products

At Millcreek Gardens, our plants are grown by experienced growers who understand the unique production requirements for herbaceous perennials and herbs. Our goal is to produce the highest quality plants that will perform and bloom as expected for the home gardener.

To achieve this goal, we are focused on nurturing a strong root system for each plant. Most of our starter plants are propagated by our staff, but when needed, we source starter plants from other fine growers across the country. Our custom soil mix has been developed over many years of growing to assure good drainage, yet excellent water holding capacity. It is comprised mainly of composted pine bark, peat moss, and dairy compost, with a controlled-release fertilizer. Our recyclable containers have been selected for the ideal volume to allow strong root growth, drainage characteristics, and attractive appearance. To learn about our growing practices, check our our FAQ page.

Most of our plants are labeled with a Millcreek Gardens Custom Tag. Our tags have a full color picture, Latin and common names, plant description, and a unique bar code for scanning at checkout and easy inventory control. Our tags also include QR codes, which can be scanned by your customers with their smart phones to access additional plant information online. Some plants may be labeled with a different tag due to royalty requirements. In the rare case where a Millcreek Gardens Custom tag is not available, a printed stake with all of the above information except the QR code will be used. In addition, we also offer a very popular Pre-Pricing Service for customer orders for a nominal charge. Visit our Services page for details on that and other services we offer!

Our products are grown in many different container sizes. Please reference our Container Size Dimensions Chart for specific container size information including dimensions, volume, how plants are packaged, and categories of plants offered in each size.