Pansies ~ New for 2017!

New this Spring, we are offering several cultivars of Pansies!


These gorgeous plants are grown in 3.5″ pots, sold in trays of 10.


Our variety line-up is listed below, but check our Availability List to get the latest on the specifics of what remains in inventory.


~ Delta™ Blotch Mix
~ Delta™ Citrus Mix
~ Delta™ Cool Water Mix
~ Delta™ Lavender Blue Shades
~ Delta™ Pink Shades
~ Delta™ Premium Pure Golden Yellow
~ Delta™ Premium Pure Violet
~ Delta™ Premium True Blue
~ Delta™ Premium White with Blotch
~ Delta™ Pure Deep Orange
~ Delta™ Pure Red
~ Delta™ Pure Rose
~ Delta™ Tri Color Mix


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