Mark Noble – 25 Years!

On February 11, 2016
Celebrated his 25 year Anniversary with
Millcreek Gardens!


 25 YEARS!!!





Mark joined the Millcreek team on February 11, 1991 and other than owners George and Lynda, has worked here longer than anyone! He started just after our Conservatory was built and since that time has helped build every greenhouse and related facility other than our main office and production buildings. Mark is responsible for the maintenance of our physical facilities and equipment and can tell anyone where any utility is located on our premises!






Other than our range of 10 herb houses, Mark has done most all of the wiring of the greenhouses and helped build every greenhouse structure, remodel our sales office, upgrade and expand our computer and phone network infrastructure, and fix most everything that breaks! Over the years Mark has delivered steady, consistent, professional work – and we are grateful.





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