Kyle Dresback~10 years!

On March 26, 2017
Celebrated his 10 year Anniversary with
Millcreek Gardens!


Kyle joined the Millcreek team in the Spring of 2007 working in our Production Department where he worked on the potting lines and also helped offload new production. During the non-peak production periods he assisted in other departments completing various plant care tasks.



Over the years Kyle gained experience in different growing areas at Millcreek and in the summer of 2012, Kyle was promoted to IMPACT Perennial Coordinator. His primary responsibility in the peak shipping season is serving as the lead picker on our crew that picks our IMPACT and PRO #1 Perennials as well as our Peonies. He leads the picking crew in fulfilling all orders for that size material – and that is no small feat! His other responsibilities include watering, pruning, weeding, moving, spacing and general plant care and maintenance of our IMPACT Perennials.



Kyle has many great qualities, some of which include his kind and polite demeanor. He

is about as consistent and reliable as is humanly possible! He has grown tremendously over the last 10 years and we are thankful he is a part of our team!


Kyle was recently married and enjoys spending time with his new wife. Outside of work he also enjoys volunteering his time working with the youth in his church and hanging out with friends.