Decorative Planters

New in our line of Specialty Crops we are pleased to introduce our decorative planters!


Grown in square containers, they are available with a beautiful mixture of Herbs, Annuals, or Hardy Succulents.


Our 10.5″ Herb planters feature an array of fresh culinary herbs. A great look for the patio or deck and perfect for the avid cook!


The 10.5″ Annual combination planters feature an assortment of colorful blooming annuals. Perfect for the patio or deck.


The 10″ Hardy Succulent planters include colorful and textural sedums and sempervivums. Plants are low maintenance and drought tolerant.


These ready to sell planters are perfect for your customers who are looking for a unique gift or colorful addition to their outdoor living space.


Watch our Availability List for additional container options in 2014!